I am an American philosopher working in English and French.

My research focuses on self-knowledge, what it is, how it can be achieved, and why it matters. I combine approaches from French phenomenology, particularly Sartre, and Anglo-American analytic philosophy. This puts my interests at the confluence of epistemology and metaphysics of mind, philosophy of language, philosophy of action, moral psychology, and ethics. I am also interested in the history of philosophy, especially French philosophy and its interactions with literature, as well as normative political philosophy and critical theory.

In Fall 2022, I joined the faculty of St. John’s College (Annapolis) after receiving my philosophical training at Sorbonne Université (PhD 2021, MA 2014) and Tufts University (BA 2010).

I taught for six years in the philosophy department at Sorbonne Université, and two years in French public schools. I also do philosophical translation and freelance journalism.

My book, Connaissance de soi et réflexion pratique : critique des réappropriations analytiques de Sartre (Self-Knowledge and Practical Reflection: Critique of the Analytic Reappropriations of Sartre), was published in France by Éditions Mimésis. It deals with how we come to know what we think, feel, and want as beings capable of both interpreting and shaping our attitudes and actions. I do this through the prism of contemporary uses of Sartrean ideas.

This work was based on my dissertation.

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